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Are you an independent retailer looking to increase sales and reduce costs? 


Ashridge Retail can help by reviewing your current processes, suggesting alternatives to improve your stock and product management and helping you implement them.

We can help:

  • ensure ranges are meeting your customers expectations and making a profit
  • review and implement reporting and management tools 
  • provide advice and support for online and bricks and mortar retailers
  • get the right processes and systems in place to help you expand.

We understand as a small retail business owner you need to wear a number of hats and they don't all fit! We are here to provide help in those areas where you don't have the expertise, time or manpower to do everything you need to grow your business.

To find out more about Emma's experience and the services offered by Ashridge Retail please go to the About and Experience pages. Alternatively to contact Emma to find out more or discuss your requirements please click here.